DESVARIACIONS DE OTEL.LO VIDEO ART - PROMO Video Art, Animations and Illustrations, Promo for ¨Desvariacions de Otel.lo¨ for Cia. Alba Sarraute. Contemporary Circus Show. Mataró, Barcelona 2019 STORY In a bright midsummer night, I met a traveller. He told me a story about love and fear, sun and moon, stars and never born children. A… Read More
Captain Akward Moron Police Dani Moreno Barcelona

Captain Akward

CAPTAIN AKWARD VIDEOCLIP Music Videoclip for the single from Moron Police´s album “A Boat on the Sea”. STORY I was very excited when director and 3D animator Dani Moreno called me up to work with him on this videoclip for Moron Police! He asked me to design and animate 2D characters to be integrated in… Read More
Sortimo Lab Hologram 3D


SORTIMO CORPORATE VIDEO Visual Effects for Sortimo International, 2016 STORY The task was to present Sortimo's product lines at the IAA in a way that clarifies the connection between the past and the future, to show that Sortimo has been there for the past 40 years and is constantly researching to create new and better… Read More


WIN WIN SHORT MOVIE An indipendent short movie by Sen Productions, Berlin 2017 STORY In everyday urban madness, an overzealous police woman is on the hunt for park sinners - with always the goal of the 1000th Strafzettels in mind. A group of amateur petty criminals is planning a bank robbery and park their car… Read More


ZIPPED AWAY ANIMATION Spot for Inglesina ZIPPY LIGHT, 2016. STORY Zipped Away is an ironic horror story, hand drawn and animated in 2D. A spooky story of everyday fear, as a young mother strolls with her baby along a quiet city street…or so it seems!     AWARDS 2D Animation Promo created for ZIPPY LIGHT… Read More
Orchextra Stop Motion


ORCHEXTRA STOP MOTION Stop Motion Animation for Inarea, Rome 2013 STORY For the Inarea 2013 photo calendar, a team of creatives created models of musical instruments made with unusual elements. My task was to animate these models with the Stop Motion technique. YEAR 2013 CLIENT Clonwerk SRL TECHNIQUE Dragon Frame, After Effects ROLE Stop Motion… Read More


A BULL IN A CHINA SHOP PROMO Influencer Video for MAN Truck & Bus, 2017 STORY Which is the best way to describe the delicate drive handling of a MAN truck? Delicate as with an elephant in a china shop shall be. From this Sen Production created a mad image film with Youtube star JP… Read More
Balusca RAR Comic Motion graphics animation


RAR PROMO Promo for Circus Company Balusca, Barcelona 2019 STORY Promo stlyled as post apocaliptic comic for contemporary circus company Balusca.   YEAR 2019 CLIENT CIA Balusca Circ TECHNIQUE Illustrator, After Effects ROLE Vector Illustrator, Animator CREDITS Camera & Editing: Julian Waisbord Read More
Elektric Kiss Short Film


ELEKTRIK KISS SHORT MOVIE An indipendent short movie by Boostarama & El Gato Productions, Berlin 2010 STORY A mad doctor, a thunderstorm, an attempt to create Life! But nature follows its own mysterious ways... For this fantasy short, we have used a mix of 2D and stop motion animation withg live action video, kilos of… Read More

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