Teaser and Promo for Exabrupte by Maria Garriga. Mataró, Barcelona, 2021.


An engrossed woman, too tired and already broken in the journey of motherhood. A normative motherhood that silences the dirty and fragile.     A fragmented and disoriented woman, seized by fear, guilt and anger. She needs to shout out loud and make the loneliness of parenting visible in a society that delegates care to women. And behind this precipice, the pulse of life, the drive of love, surrender and tenderness; towards her, towards the children, towards life!



The work is inspired by the very life process that I have experienced as a mother, and how, little by little, I have found a theoretical framework to support myself. I start from the personal dimension to end up reflecting on the social. An intimate and fragile piece, public and resistant, like the vicissitudes of motherhood.




As long as reproductive work remains devalued, as long as it continues
being considered as a private task and the exclusive responsibility of women,
they will always have less power than men to oppose the State,
and they will remain in conditions of extreme social and economic vulnerability.

(Federici 2013)

¡Dadme las gracias, hijos de puta!

¡Protegedme y dadme las gracias!

¡Ponédmelo más fácil, dadme apoyo!

Estructuras legales en las que ampararme.

¡Más guarderías, Katovit gratis!

¡Hacedme estatuas, bustos, colocadlos en las plazas!

¡Ponedle mi nombre a una calle o a un parque!

¡Ya sola no puedo!

Y si no tenéis todo esto que os pido, TODO, dejadme descansar, por favor.

(El conejito del tambor de duracell de Marta Galán, 2015)





Maria Garriga
Canon Eos 90d, Premiere, After Effects
Photographer, Videographer

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