I’m Caterina Angeloni and I’m a visual designer.

I am the head & heart behind El Gato Productions, a creative agency based in Barcelona and dedicated to visual communication.

I have worked for international companies (FOX Internationa Channels, NBC Universal, FAO, UN, SEN Productions, Fat Rat Films) in cities as Rome, Berlin and Barcelona, ​​but it was my passion for the contemporary circus that led me to collaborate with performing arts companies both in the greater Barcelona area and at European level.

Thanks to these collaborations, I have participated in events such as El Grec Festival, Fira Trapezi and Fira de La Bisbal d’Empordà and collaborated with artists such as Alba Sarraute, Quim Girón and Anna Pascual; my photographs have appeared in newspapers such as El País and La Vanguardia.

My audiovisual productions have also been awarded the first prize in competitions such as the La Repubblica newspaper in Italy and in festivals such as the Shocking Shorts Festival in Germany.

My clients come mostly from the areas of culture, performing arts, well-being, ONGs. Many of them share with me that it is a great relief to find someone who has a 360 degree view of visual communication.

Isnt´it a real time-saver to explain all your communication needs to a single person that can design your brand and website, organize your video and photo shooting, design your ads and then put all the material together into a unique universe that truly represents you?

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I have been fortunate enough to live in different places around Europe and I can attend you in English, Italian, German, Spanish and Catalan.