Hi! I am Caterina Angeloni AKA Kato and I am a visual content creator focused on video, photography, animation, graphic design, illustration.

I help you to translate your values and ideas into visual content that makes you shine.


I am by your side at every step of your audiovisual project: from idea development, script, storyboard to shooting, editing and adding VFX or motion graphics, I’ll make sure that your video turns out just great.


Fresh and entertaining, I think that animation is a great way to share your message with the world. It is important to settle a clear idea of what kind of animation you need, and which style you like.

On the idea development phase, I will show you sketches, moodboards, storyboards and animatics to help you visualise.

Stop-motion or 3D, cell animation or motion graphic, which one is the best for your advertisment, edutainment video, or music video? Let’s find out!


I specialize in performing arts photography. I capture the essential in every image, might it be outside or indoors, on the street or in a studio, on a festival or in theater.


We help you to create your Visual Identity, building a brand that truly represents your values and ideas. Then we design your logo, website and visit cards, stickers, posters, flyers, banners, T-Shirts and all you need for your print and digital products.

Through illustration we create visually appealing images, might it be for products or advertisement, for a book, a poster or to hang it at home.




El Gato doesn’t just deliver work.

El Gato collaborates with you

to translate your values

into visual content that makes you



Kato is always a pleasure to work with. She is very experienced in her field and a pleasant person, who understands to implement her clients wishes perfectly and on time. Even under difficult circumstances she will always deliver brilliant work. Her creative work has a special charme that is hard to find elsewhere.

Mell Ciric Project Manger at SEN Productions, Germany

Kato is great to work with and very talented. She doesn't need any hype. Just look at her work - it speaks for itself.

Declan McCormack Owner at Flooded Cellar Productions Ltd, UK

Kato is a highly talented artist. Her skills in Animation and Design are exceptional, she always manages to produce great emotions. I have worked with her on many projects and she is the perfect match. Her understanding of technology is remarkable and she always delivers in time.

Mike Woloszyn Post-production Specialist, Berlin

It is a great FUN and pleasure work with Kato! She is a brilliant editor, art creative and a great collegue. You can always rely on her skills and her positive attitude. She has always the solution for your trouble, might it be technical or artistic. It was a pleasure to work in the same team with Kato and I hope I will have the opportunity to share new projects soon again

Sara Monacelli Workforce Planner at Comdata Group, France


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