SOM MOBILITAT Guspirus Vanessa Linares



Image video for SOM Mobilitat, an e-cars sharing cooperative, Barcelona, Mataró, 2018


The cooperative SOM Mobilitat in Mataró is changig the way we think of mobility. While working with them on a video promo to share their work,  I had the chance to meet Vanessa Linares, the graphic designer of the company, and the pleasure to animate her cute little characters called Guspirus.

We decided to film the urban environment in Barcelona and to make the little characters live in the city and of course, to let them use green energy,  e-bikes and e-cars to move around. As they are Spirits of Nature, they bring back plants and flowers and little animals a to the city!

Vanessa passed me the characters in Illustrator, so I divided them into layers and animated them in After Effects.

Here are some walkcycles:

SOM Mobilitat
Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro
Director, Editor, Motion Designer
Character Design: Vanessa Linares / Camera: Julian Waisboard
A Granny with her grandson
A Granny with her grandson
A little kid hanging on a baloon
A little kid hanging on a baloon
Walking the dog
Walking the dog

I really enjoyed to bring these cool characters to life!

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