DE ALGODÓN Y CAUCHO CIE MALABRIGO Video promo for "De Algodón y Caucho" by Cie Mala Brigo. La Bisbal d'Empordà, 2023. STORY “De Algodón y Caucho” is a contemporary circus peformance that brings us into the rural world of a little Spanish village. Shot at La Fira del Circ al Carrer 2023 in La Bisbal… Read More
Bergamotto Clown - La gran aventura de ser papá


PARTY TIME BERGAMOTTO CLOWN Video promo for the show "Party Time - La gran aventura de ser papá" by Bergamotto Clown, Barcelona 2022 STORY "Making the decision of having a child is transcendental. It is deciding forever that your heart walks outside your body." Elizabeth Stone   This promo was filmed in different locations in… Read More

UNODC Synthetic Drug Strategy

Synthetic Drugs Strategy UNODC Animation and graphic design service for United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime, 2023. STORY The United Nations Office on Synthetic Drugs (UNODC) needed to translate its Synthetic Drugs Strategy (SDS) campaign materials into five languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. Fred Grace, senior producer of the English production… Read More

The Science of Effective Vegan Advocacy

The Science of Effective Vegan Advocacy CEVA / BEYOND CARNISM Post production service for The Science of Effective Vegan Advocacy Online Course, produced by the ONG Beyond Carnism. 2022 STORY The Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy (CEVA) works to increase the impact of vegan advocacy worldwide providing on-site and online trainings, organizational consulting, and leadership… Read More


JUDIT ALIER BRAND VISUAL CONTENT Rebranding, photography, videography & graphic design for social media. Barcelona, 2022 STORY Judit Alier is a wellness terapist and Kobido specialist based in Alella, a beautiful town on sunny hills in the outskirts of Barcelona. She contacted me explaing how she needed a rebranding and to produce visual content for… Read More
Dag Shang Kayu Buddhism Spain


DAG SHANG KAGYÜ VISUAL MANTRA An indipendent short documentary by El Gato Productions, Barcelona 2021 STORY Dag Shang Kagyü is a center for Tibetan Buddhism of Vajarana tradition situated in the mountains just upon Panillo, a small village in Huesca, Spain. I was very impressed by the atmosphere that traditional Tibetan architecture and culture creates,… Read More


EXABRUPTE TEASER EXABRUPTE PROMO Teaser and Promo for Exabrupte by Maria Garriga. Mataró, Barcelona, 2021. STORY An engrossed woman, too tired and already broken in the journey of motherhood. A normative motherhood that silences the dirty and fragile.     A fragmented and disoriented woman, seized by fear, guilt and anger. She needs to shout out loud… Read More
DESDEMONA Alba Sarraute


DESDEMONA PROMO Video promo for Desdèmona, by Alba Sarraute i Les Ofèlies. Premiered at El Grec Festival in Barcelona, 2020. STORY A classic of Shakespeare seen through the eyes of its female protagonist and told with the arts of contemporary circus. Desdemona, the circus version of Shakespeare’s Othello that premiered at El Grec Festival in… Read More
SOM MOBILITAT Guspirus Vanessa Linares

SOM Mobilitat

SOM MOBILITAT PROMO Image video for SOM Mobilitat, an e-cars sharing cooperative, Barcelona, Mataró, 2018 STORY The cooperative SOM Mobilitat in Mataró is changig the way we think of mobility. While working with them on a video promo to share their work,  I had the chance to meet Vanessa Linares, the graphic designer of the… Read More

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