Dolce Salato Cia Circo Carpa Diem Poster


DOLCE SALATO CIA CIRCO CARPA DIEM Illustration and design for the poster of the show ¨Dolce Salato¨ by Cia. Circo Carpa Diem, premiered  in France at Aurillac Festival 2022. STORY Cia Carpa Diem is a contemporary circus company formed by Luca Sartor and Katharina Gruener. Luca and Ina contacted me explaining how they were going… Read More
Revernd Scapegoat Ciccio Pulvirenti

Reverend Scapegoat

REVEREND SCAPEGOAT IN GIRUM IMUS NOCTE ET CONSUMIMUR IGNI In loving memory of Ciccio Pulvirenti. 16 July 2022. STORY In girum imus nocte ecce et consumimur igni is a Latin dactylic hexameter, attributed by some to Virgil, by others to a later author due to its palindromic form. Summon moths that circle the candle before… Read More
carnestoltes maatro xarxes socials


CARNESTOLTES 2022 VISUAL CONTENT CREATION Development and design of the visual communication campaign of the 2022 Carnival of Mataró. STORY The Department of Culture of Mataró commissioned me to develop and design the official image of the 2022 Carnival. In addition to creating the illustration of the poster, I took care of the preparation of… Read More
Red Spider Illustration


RIDING THE RED SPIDER DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION How wonderful it was to ride the Red Spider! It made a protecting bubble with a droplet of water to keep the children safe from itching plants and insects. Illustration for children's book. STORY Riding The Red Spider is a story about a little girl who is afraid. She… Read More
Children Illustration Dragon

Jordie and the Dragon

Jordie and the Dragon DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION Digital Illustration created in Procreate. THE TALE OF SAINT GEORGE AND THE DRAGON Once there was a dragon, that hold a princess prisoner in its cave. A knight came, and his name was George. He was brave and strong and rescued the princess by killing the dragon. From the… Read More
Gold Fish Illustration

Goldie The Goldfish

GOLDIE THE GOLDFISH WATERCOLOR ILLUSTRATION Children Illustration with Watercolors. STORY I enjoy so much to make pictures about children and animals being friends that I decided to create a series of illustrations called "Best Friends". "Goldie the Goldfish" is the second illustration of the series. YEAR 2019 CLIENT Personal project TECHNIQUE Watercolors ROLE Artist Read More
Captain Akward Moron Police Dani Moreno Barcelona

Captain Akward

CAPTAIN AKWARD VIDEOCLIP Music Videoclip for the single from Moron Police´s album “A Boat on the Sea”. STORY I was very excited when director and 3D animator Dani Moreno called me up to work with him on this videoclip for Moron Police! He asked me to design and animate 2D characters to be integrated in… Read More
Balusca RAR Comic Motion graphics animation


RAR PROMO Promo for Circus Company Balusca, Barcelona 2019 STORY Promo stlyled as post apocaliptic comic for contemporary circus company Balusca.   YEAR 2019 CLIENT CIA Balusca Circ TECHNIQUE Illustrator, After Effects ROLE Vector Illustrator, Animator CREDITS Camera & Editing: Julian Waisbord Read More
BMW Life is a Ride


MAKE LIFE A RIDE 2D ANIMATION 2D animation included in the promotional video Make Life a Ride for BMW. Germany, 2016 STORY BMW asked Sen Productions to produce an intern video to celebrate the company and the people that works for them. MAKE LIFE A RIDE is showing BMW motorbikes and the travels they can… Read More


ODETTE ILLUSTRATION Odette was still sleepy as she sat at the table to have breakfast. Digital illustration for children's book. THE STORY Odette was still sleepy as she sat at the table to have breakfast. The mechanical arms poured milk and cornflakes in her bowl as the sun shined in from the window, painting the… Read More

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