DE ALGODÓN Y CAUCHO CIE MALABRIGO Video promo for "De Algodón y Caucho" by Cie Mala Brigo. La Bisbal d'Empordà, 2023. STORY “De Algodón y Caucho” is a contemporary circus peformance that brings us into the rural world of a little Spanish village. Shot at La Fira del Circ al Carrer 2023 in La Bisbal… Read More
Bergamotto Clown - La gran aventura de ser papá


PARTY TIME BERGAMOTTO CLOWN Video promo for the show "Party Time - La gran aventura de ser papá" by Bergamotto Clown, Barcelona 2022 STORY "Making the decision of having a child is transcendental. It is deciding forever that your heart walks outside your body." Elizabeth Stone   This promo was filmed in different locations in… Read More


SEÑORA GÓMEZ CIRCUS PHOTOGRAPHY Show photography for slack rope show ¨Señora Gómez¨ by Eva Cermak, cia. Circooltura. Barcelona, 2022 STORY Señora Gomez is an explosive mixure of humor and equilibrism, where this lady plans to set up the scene for the show of beautiful Princess Victoria, the slack rope queen...who never shows up. But the… Read More


UNDERGROUND PHOTOGRAPHY Portrait, digital DSLR photography. 2022 STORY Portrait of contemporary circus artist Luca Sartor in Camí Ral. Mataró, 2022.   YEAR 2022 CLIENT Personal Project ROLE Photographer TECHNIQUE Canon 90D, Photoshop Read More
Dolce Salato Cia Circo Carpa Diem Poster


DOLCE SALATO CIA CIRCO CARPA DIEM Illustration and design for the poster of the show ¨Dolce Salato¨ by Cia. Circo Carpa Diem, premiered  in France at Aurillac Festival 2022. STORY Cia Carpa Diem is a contemporary circus company formed by Luca Sartor and Katharina Gruener. Luca and Ina contacted me explaining how they were going… Read More
Fenomen Moon Ribas Quim Giron


FENOMEN PHOTOGRAPHY Stage photography for Fenomen by Quim Girón and Moon Ribas. Contemporary circus and dance performance. Mataró, Barcelona, 2021. A co-production of the Grec 2021 Festival in Barcelona and the Sismògraf Festival in Olot. Authorship and interpretation: Quim Girón, Moon Ribas Lights design: Laura Clos Caturla Closca Musical composition: Quim Girón Administrative production: Elclimamola… Read More
DESDEMONA Alba Sarraute


DESDEMONA PROMO Video promo for Desdèmona, by Alba Sarraute i Les Ofèlies. Premiered at El Grec Festival in Barcelona, 2020. STORY A classic of Shakespeare seen through the eyes of its female protagonist and told with the arts of contemporary circus. Desdemona, the circus version of Shakespeare’s Othello that premiered at El Grec Festival in… Read More
Alba Sarraute, Festival Grec 2020, Desdemona, Shakespeare

DESDÉMONA – Photography

"Kill me tomorrow; let me live tonight."   William Shakespeare, Othello DESDEMONA ALBA SARRAUTE Y LES OFÉLIES Production photography for Desdemona by Alba Sarraute y Les Ofélies. Contemporary circus show. Festival El Grec, Barcelona 2020. DESDEMONA The collaboration with Alba Sarraute started in early 2018, when the multidisciplinary artist called me up to create the… Read More

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