Desdemona Alba Sarraute

“Kill me tomorrow; let me live tonight.”


William Shakespeare,



Production photography for Desdemona by Alba Sarraute y Les Ofélies.

Contemporary circus show. Festival El Grec, Barcelona 2020.


The collaboration with Alba Sarraute started in early 2018, when the multidisciplinary artist called me up to create the visuals of her solo show “Variations of Othello”. Besides the animations that played on the backdrop, I also was in charge of producing the promo of the show (watch it here ).

Out of the “Variations”, “Desdemona” was born. Not a solo show anymore, but a choral piece where circus, dance and music all merge together to tell the story of the lost love of Desdemona and Othello, that becomes the Story of All Lost Love.

Being part of the creative process of the Othello since the early stages, I felt like a part of me too was in the show. For this reason I rejoiced when Alba asked me to take care of the visual communication of “Desdemona”.

On one fine morning I met Alba, Anna and Berta Pascual, Martí Soler, Laura Martí and Tomeu Amer on a small beach by the harbour of Mataró. Working with such inspiring artists is just a blessing. In a couple of hours we shot the photos that I now so gladly share with you.

Next we’ll shoot the video promo of the show at Mercat des Les Flors in Barna and I’ll share insights on my Stories on Facebook and Instagram, so make sure to follow me there and not miss any of them!


A classic of Shakespeare returns to the stage seen through the eyes of its female protagonist. You have never seen Othello like this.

Surely you remember the story: a man married to a woman who loves him hears the bad advice of a false friend and ends up in extreme mistrust of fatal consequences. Shakespeare told us about jealousy in a piece that you will have seen in the theater and in the cinema, but that you have hardly had in the language of the circus.

Alba Sarraute does it, giving the show the name of the female protagonist and bringing up a troupe of great artists. An anonymous choir and acrobats will introduce you, with their human towers, to the story.

Desdemona is the Sun and Othello the Moon. And both will use the hand-to-hand technique and some more to tell you how, despite loving each other, they have not been able to unite because of the fear instigated by a Jago who devises evil plans perched on a balance ladder.

A love affair told from the stunts or the well-known episode of the stolen handkerchief from Desdemona narrated with magic tricks are some of the proposals of the show. Can you imagine a more powerful and accurate way to express jealousy than with a knife throwing number?

It is pure Shakespeare, yes, but, at the same time, it is circus of the good kind. The ladder, the Cyr wheel, the clown techniques …


Alba Sarraute and her accomplices use all this and more in a show that may be energetic and even explosive, but that is also pure poetry.



Moreover, it has live music, served by a saxophonist and a cellist who play characters while creating live the soundtrack of the show.

Ficha artística

Autoría: A partir del Otelo de William Shakespeare Adaptación y dirección: Alba Sarraute Ayudantía de dirección y mirada externa: Laia Sanmartín Interpretación: Alba Sarraute, Anna Pascual, Berta Pascual, Martí Soler, Tomeu Amer, Laura Martí, Jordi Claret, Noè Escolar, Manel Rosés Composición musical: Furmi Gómez, Jordi Claret, Jorge Sarraute, Laura Martí Dirección musical: Furmi Gómez Interpretación musical: Noè Escolar, Jordi Claret, Laura Martí, Anna Pascual, Martí Soler, Alba Sarraute Escenografía: Montse Pons, Alba Sarraute Movimiento: Berta Pascual Vestuario: Alba Sarraute Diseño de la iluminación: Ton Mentruit, Laia Sanmartín, Alba Sarraute, Joaquim Aragó Diseño del sonido / concepción sonora: Ton Mentruit Diseño de vídeo: Caterina Angeloni, El Gato Productions Producción: Camaleònica d’Espectacles Fotografía: El Gato Productions

Text translated from Festival El Grec website.

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Alba Sarraute
Canon Eos 90d, Photoshop
Coproduction with El Grec 2020 and Camaleonica Production

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