SOM MOBILITAT Guspirus Vanessa Linares

SOM Mobilitat

SOM MOBILITAT PROMO Image video for SOM Mobilitat, an e-cars sharing cooperative, Barcelona, Mataró, 2018 STORY The cooperative SOM Mobilitat in Mataró is changig the way we think of mobility. While working with them on a video promo to share their work,  I had the chance to meet Vanessa Linares, the graphic designer of the… Read More

The RGB Project

SOUND ON! THE RGB PROJECT MOTION GRAPHICS A motion graphics color mixer, Barcelona 2020 STORY I love mixing colors in real life, and in the digital one is the same fun! Do you know the difference between primary and secondary colors? Red and Yellow are 2 Primary colors. When mixed they give Orange. R+G =… Read More
Sortimo Lab Hologram 3D


SORTIMO CORPORATE VIDEO Visual Effects for Sortimo International, 2016 STORY The task was to present Sortimo's product lines at the IAA in a way that clarifies the connection between the past and the future, to show that Sortimo has been there for the past 40 years and is constantly researching to create new and better… Read More


A BULL IN A CHINA SHOP PROMO Influencer Video for MAN Truck & Bus, 2017 STORY Which is the best way to describe the delicate drive handling of a MAN truck? Delicate as with an elephant in a china shop shall be. From this Sen Production created a mad image film with Youtube star JP… Read More
Balusca RAR Comic Motion graphics animation


RAR PROMO Promo for Circus Company Balusca, Barcelona 2019 STORY Promo stlyled as post apocaliptic comic for contemporary circus company Balusca.   YEAR 2019 CLIENT CIA Balusca Circ TECHNIQUE Illustrator, After Effects ROLE Vector Illustrator, Animator CREDITS Camera & Editing: Julian Waisbord Read More
BMW Life is a Ride


MAKE LIFE A RIDE ANIMATION Animation part of Make Life a Ride video for BMW. STORY   Sen Productions produced an intern video for BMW called Make Life A Ride and I was in charge of the animated part.   YEAR 2016 CLIENT SEN PRODUCTIONS Tecnique Illustrator, After Effects ROLE Vector Illustrator, Animator Read More
CircoCentrica logo


CIRCOCENTRICA BRANDING, GRAPHIC DESIGN, MOTION DESIGN CONTEMPORARY CIRCUS FESTIVAL, ROME For 3 years in a row I have been responsible of the visual communication for Circocentrica Festival in Rome. CIRCOCENTRICA Held in La Torre Social Club in Rome, Italy, Circocentrica has been an important national and international meeting point for contemporary circus artist and a… Read More
Stop Motion FAO


CODEX ALIMENTARIUS - THE FOOD WE EAT MIXED MEDIA ANIMATION Video For Codex Alimentarius’ 50th Anniversary at FAO, Rome 2013 STORY For Codex Alimentarius’ 50th Anniversary, FAO wanted to explain the history of Trade and of Codex in one short animation. Director D.McCormack at Flooded Cellar, the Executive Producer, decided to produce a mix-media video,… Read More

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