Dag Shang Kayu Buddhism Spain


DAG SHANG KAGYÜ VISUAL MANTRA An indipendent short documentary by El Gato Productions, Barcelona 2021 STORY Dag Shang Kagyü is a center for Tibetan Buddhism of Vajarana tradition situated in the mountains just upon Panillo, a small village in Huesca, Spain. I was very impressed by the atmosphere that traditional Tibetan architecture and culture creates,… Read More


ARUTAM - Spirit of the Rain Forest ANIMATION Design and animations for Documentary ARUTAM – The Spirit of the Rain Forest. STORY Arutam is the sacred Spirit of the Forest, la Selva, for the indigenous people of Ecuador. A travel to Sharamentsa, to meet the Cofan people and their struggle to join modernity without loosing… Read More


L'ORCHESTRA OPERAIA AL TEMPO DELLA CRISI DOCUMENTARY An indipendent short music documentary by El Gato Productions & Greca Campus. STORY L’Operaia è un’orchestra coraggiosa che nasce e cresce in tempi di crisi; è una sfida lanciata dal direttore Massimo Nunzi, un laboratorio sperimentale fuori dei circuiti istituzionali, una realtà in cui giovani talenti hanno la… Read More

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