Stage photography for Fenomen by Quim Girón and Moon Ribas. Contemporary circus and dance performance. Mataró, Barcelona, 2021.

A co-production of the Grec 2021 Festival in Barcelona and the Sismògraf Festival in Olot.

Authorship and interpretation: Quim Girón, Moon Ribas

Lights design: Laura Clos Caturla Closca

Musical composition: Quim Girón

Administrative production: Elclimamola

Distribution: Jaume Nieto

Acknowledgments: Jordi Fondevila

Photography: Caterina Angeloni, El Gato Productions

Canon Eos 90d


A poetic and fresh performance. It is the ice, in the various states it adopts, the protagonist of a show by a contemporary circus artist and a cyborg performer.

You may have heard of Moon Ribas, an avant-garde artist from Mataró who one day decided to apply cybernetics to art and her own body.

Ribas has found common ground with Quim Girón, one of the great creators of contemporary circus on the Catalan scene, who usually works with elements ranging from balance and sound to animal movement, always in search of new languages.

They both present us with a joint scenic proposal in which they explore the uncontrollable force of nature and wonder how scientific processes take place that are no less surprising in everyday life.

Where is the ice? This water that now soaks the stage and the artists shows its ephemeral character.

You’ll think about it as you listen to the electronic music that accompanies the evolutions of the performers and the rich diversity of sounds they generate when interacting with ice, water, or gas, diverse physical states of the same reality.


The show is an invitation to ask about the workings of nature in order to see natural phenomena from another point of view and also to realize that, in a way, we are also a small phenomenon.



Text translated from Festival El Grec website.

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