-Differenza di Potenziale+

Client : Chilowatt Company

Promo for Theater & Street Show. 2016

Role: Editor, Video Post Production

L’Orchestra Operaia al Tempo della Crisi

Client: La Repubblica.it

Winner entry for La Grande Bellezza – Userfarm Contest by Reporter – La Repubblica.it

Role: Producer, Director, Editor, Color Correction

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NBC Universal

I worked as a Freelance Video Editor and Motion Graphics designer at NBC Universal Studios in Rome, Italy.

Here is a small selection of promos.

Promo Best Sellers

Client: NBC Universal

TV promo for Studio Universal. “Best Sellers” selection for broadcasting in February, 2015

Promo Wild

Client: NBC Universal

Highlights of the Month. Promo for Studio Universal, December 2014.

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Festival dei Pianisti Italiani

Client: PMG

Promo for Classical Music Festival in Reggio Emilia, Italy. 2016

Role: Editor, Video Post Production

FOX Channels Italy

A small selection of promos produced as Editor at FOX International Channels.

Promo Skryme

Client: FOX Channels Italy. Promo for FOX Crime Branding on SKY, 2012

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The WAY of Move

Client: Parkour Terni

A short documentary on Parkour in Terni, Italy.

Official selection at Nutrimenti 2011 Festival.

Role: Producer, Director, Editor, A/V Postproduction

Promo Fantasy Horror Award 2

Production: Funfactory Entertainment & Syfy Universal.

Broadcast on Syfy Channel.

Intro to the 20 minute long special dedicated to the Fantasy Horror Award 2 hold in Orvieto, Italy, in June 2011.

Role: Editor, A/V Postproduction