GUSPIRUS Characters Animation


Character Animation for SOM MOBILITAT video – coming soon!!

Character design by Vanessa Linares  —


Arutam – Spirit of the Rain Forest

Animations for Documentary Arutam by Sen Productions.

Role: Illustrator, Animator

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BMW – Make Life a Ride

Animation for BMW video Make Life a Ride.

Role: Illustrator, Animator

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Circocentrica 2016 Logo Animation

Motion Graphic Animation for Circocentrica 2016.

Role: Graphic Designer, Motion Designer.


Zipped Away

Video created for  ZIPPY LIGHT contest by Inglesina 2016.

Winner of the 4th Prize.

Role: Production, Script, Direction, Colours, Compositing.

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Elektrik Kiss

A short movie by Boostarama & El Gato Productions, Berlin 2010

Role: Production, Illustrator, Animator, Compositor, Editor.


Orchextra 2013

Client: Romano Detti Marina, Enel

Production: Clonwerk srl

Role: Stop Motion Animator, Editor


Codex Alimentarius and The Food We Eat

Client: FAO

Executive Producer: Flooded Cellar

Role: Art Director, Stop Motion/Animator, Editor

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Mi Manda Rai Tre

Opening Sequence 30″

Bumper out

Video Theme, Titles and Bumpers

Client: Rai Tre

Role: Concept, Art Director, Director, Stop Motion Animation, Compositing, 2D Animation, Editing.

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Macola & Vibronda – “Dove Altrove”

Client: FilmPRO, MoK Associazione Culturale

Role: Creative, VFX, Compositing, Animation

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Re Scorfano e il tesoro di Strombolicchio

Client: Vittorio Amato

Role: Director, Animator

Twilight Saga

Client: NBC Universal

Producer: Luca Potenziani

Role: 2D Animation, Editing

On Nutrition

Video for International Conference on Nutrition @ FAO, November 2014

Client: FAO

Producer: Santiago Mayor Farguell

Role: Motion Graphic Designer


Merry Christmas Inglesina

Client: TheBlogTV

Author: Giorgio Carpinteri

Producer: Giusi Bastone

Role: Storyboard, Character Design and 2D Animation.

Storia di un Natale Animato

Client: Rai Due

Production: Clonwerk srl

Role: Stop Motion Animator, Editor