I’m Kato and I’m an Italian videomaker, photographer, graphic designer, animator and illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain.

With over 10 years of experience as a freelance, my skills include idea development, project management, art and creative direction, videomaking, photography, animation, motion and graphic design, illustration.

Who is El Gato Productions?

As a freelance I came across big projects where I knew I couldn’t manage alone. That’s why I founded El Gato Productions! As the art director, I manage the projects and the communication with clients and while coordinating with other skilled freelances around Europe (Italy, Germany, Spain, France, UK). This richness of cultures and skills allows El Gato Productions to deliver fresh and unique content, always in top quality.

Get in touch!

I am looking forward to hear about your projects!

Send me an email, get in touch on Instagram or just give me a call. I have been fortunate enough to live in different places around Europe, and I can attend you in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Catalan.

Let’s get connected!