Designs made for silk screening and illustrations that ended up printed on a T-shirt!

Oh My Dog!

Oh my dog!

ohmydog-tshirtoh my dog! print


Print Design and Silkscreen on textile.

Made with Tito in Berlin, 2010.

Originally the design was made for money: Czentrifuga made a call to all silkprint ateliers in Berlin for print its own cash, that was then collected and saved in the “central bank” at Czentrifuga, in Kreuzberg at that time.

Where is that money now? And where is Tito?



Ron del Gato


Painting, illustration and Silkscreen on textile.

The original illustration was painted on wood with watercolors and acrylic. That painting got digitalized and then silk printed into the fashion world!




Memento Mori

memento mori

memento mori print

Print Design and Silkscreen on textile.

Just remember: el Gato watches your back also in Death, but can speak no words.

Hand made print.


El Gato Nubia


Gato-Nubia gato-nubia-detail


Originally el Gato didn’t have wings here, but then he grew them somehow…

Hand made silk print on textile.

This picture became also a beautiful tattoo by Ana Peñafiel – Venezuelan tattoo artist based in Berlin.


Pica Pica


Pica_pica1  pica-front

pica-back Pica_pica-print

The little Magpie leaves his footprints all over you !

Hand made silk print on T-shirts and bags

Waiting for Godot

Godotgodot-tshirt godot-detail

El Gato and his dog-friend Basura can be patient…

Handmade silk print