Hello! I’m Kato and I’m an Italian director, designer, animator and illustrator based in Barcelona. With over 10 years of experience in multimedia design, my skills include project management, art direction, post-production supervisoring, editing, visual effects, motion graphics, animation, design and illustration. Whew! Has been a long way here.

As a freelance I came across big projects where I knew I couldn’t manage alone. That’s how El Gato Productions works: it’s a net of skilled freelances around Europe, working together on projects as commercials, documentaries, animations and all that goes around audiovisual communication.

As the Art Director, I manage the projects and the communication with clients. I have been fortunate enough to live in different places around Europe, and I can attend you in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Catalan.

I am looking forward to hear about your project. Whether you are a studio, a company or an artist, let’s bring our brilliant ideas together!



El Gato Productions offers all-round solutions for audiovisual and design projects.

Idea Development
Video Production
Video Post Production
Graphic Design
Web Design


I would recommend Caterina as we worked together as freelance video editors at FOX International Channels. I can confirm she is comfortable to work with tight deadline and in team, she is nice and friendly with other colleagues and she is really enthusiastic in what she does. She has a wide range of expertise, she knows both video editing and motion graphic software. It was really nice to work with her and I would definitely recommend her!

Eugenio Smith Senior Video Editor at Fox International Channels, Italy

Working with Kato was a pleasure, great creativity and a really nice person. She has a lot of experience as a video editor and many skills like motion grapher, always looking for a solution in every situation... even in the worst!

Emanuele Paletta Senior Video Editor at NBC Universal, Italy

Si potrebbe utilizzare una sola parola per descriverla: Creatività. Un vulcano di idee in continua eruzione, professionale, leale, ottima collega e amica. È stato un piacere lavorare con lei.

Matteo Bordoni Web/Graphic Designer at FunFactory Entertainment, Italy

Kato is always a pleasure to work with. She is very experienced in her field and a pleasant person, who understands to implement her clients wishes perfectly and on time. Even under difficult circumstances she will always deliver brilliant work. Her creative work has a special charme that is hard to find elsewhere.

Mell Ciric Project Manger at SEN Productions, Germany

Kato is great to work with and very talented. She doesn't need any hype. Just look at her work - it speaks for itself.

Declan McCormack Owner at Flooded Cellar Productions Ltd, UK

Kato is a highly talented artist. Her skills in Animation and Design are exceptional, she always manages to produce great emotions. I have worked with her on many projects and she is the perfect match. Her understanding of technology is remarkable and she always delivers in time.

Mike Woloszyn Post-production Specialist, Berlin

It is a great FUN and pleasure work with Kato! She is a brilliant editor, art creative and a great collegue. You can always rely on her skills and her positive attitude. She has always the solution for your trouble, might it be technical or artistic. It was a pleasure to work in the same team with Kato and I hope I will have the opportunity to share new projects soon again

Sara Monacelli Workforce Planner at Comdata Group, France

I work with studios, production and post production houses, advertising agencies, marketing companies, television networks and I love direct-to-client work. I team up with fellow freelancers to deliver high-quality content at competitive rates and pace.  I specially love contemporary circus, theater, art and music and and I am always up for collaborations with fellow artists!