Animation and Motion Design Reel.


– Captain Akward.
Music Video.
Role: Character Designer & Animator.
Credits: Daniel G Moreno ( Director, 3D Artist), Moron Police (Music).

– Som Mobiltat.
Role: Director, 2D Animator, Editor.

– Desvariacions d’Otelo.
Theater Circus Show.
Role: 2D Animator.
Credits: Cia. Alba Sarraute

– Zipped Away.
Role: Script, Co-Director, 2D Animator, Colorist, Editor.
Credits: Daniele Scali ( Co-Director, Character Design & Animation, Background Artist).

– Elektrik Kiss.
Indipendent Short Film.
Role: Co- Director, Background Artist, 2D & Stop Motion Animator.
Credits: Falko Hildebrandt (Script, Co-Director, Camera, VFX).

– Underwater.
Personal project.
2D Animation.

– The RGB Project.
Personal project.
Motion Design.

– Circo Centrica.
Festival Branding.
Role: Graphic & Motion Designer.

– Christmas Toys Tales.
Commercial for Broadcast.
Role: Stop Motion Animator, Editor.
Credits: Clonwerk.

– Make Life a Ride.
BMW Corporate video.
Role: 2D Animator.
Credits: Sen Productions.

– Holy.
Personal Project.
Cell Animation.

– Codex Alimentarius.
FAO Corporate video.
Role: Artist Director, 2D & Stop Motion Animator, Editor.
Credits: Flooded Cellar LTD (Executive Producer, Director), Daniele Scali (2D
Animator), Sandra Hiralal (3D & 2D Animator).

– Inarea.
Role: Stop Motion Animator.
Credits: Clonwerk, Romano Marini Dettina.

– Arutam.
Role: Background Artist, Character Designer, 2D Animator.
Credits: Sen Productions.

Promo for Circus Company Cia Balusca.
Role: 2D Animator.

– Videocopilot Nerd
Personal project.
VFX, 2D Animation.